Write Your Child

Want to write your child but don’t know what to say? Click on one of the 4 form letters prepared for you below to help guide you through letter writing.


General Letter Writing Ideas

Topics to write your child about:

·      Name and age of the members of your family that live in your house.

·      Where you live. 

·      What your family enjoys to do.

·      Where your family enjoys to go.

·      Describe your church.

·      Describe your job.

·      Why you are sponsoring them.

·      What Jesus has done in your life.

·      Prayer requests

·      Verses

·      Holidays- what is coming up and how you celebrate it.

·      How you serve others.

·      Encourage their schooling

·      Encourage them God is with them.

·      Encourage them to trust God.

Always ask them questions in turn, giving them plenty of things to answer you back with. 

Email your child at contact@solacefamilyhome.com or click the button above.