The Inauguration of the Solace Family Home

This post was written by one of our Solace Missionaries, Tawnya Jackson. 

June 16, 2018 was a very big day for the Solace Family Home (SFH) as well as Jeff and me. It was the inauguration for the SFH. It was an overwhelming day. If you know me at all, you know how I am in big crowds. There were approximately 300 people in attendance. It was scheduled to start at 9 AM, but in African time that really meant 10:45 AM. There were village chiefs in their best attire and their royal chairs with their people sitting behind them on one side of the property. Opposite them, there were people from the town of Tanda and included all 12 of our kids that will live in the first home. Jeff, Pastor Paul, Maman Odile, Tauntie Akouwa, and myself all were dressed in the same fabric. It was a beautiful purple and yellow pattern that linked together like a chain. When I chose it, it was because of the pattern (Well, mostly. I really like purple).  Isn’t that cool? We are all links in this SFH chain. A lot of important people were sitting in the middle section. We got to sit there too.  After the speeches, the dignitaries toured our first kids home. We have been told that our home is the top home from Abidjan all the way to Burkino Faso! That’s quite a compliment since we haven’t officially opened yet. We all (the 1040i team) were invited to Mayor Koné’s house for lunch. Over all, it was a really great day.

Our friends Leslie and Ryne are now back on US soil. I have to say how awesome it was to have them both here to see with their own eyes the work that has been done since they were here last. In a little over 2 weeks we will head to Abidjan to take care of some paperwork (so that I can get back into Cote d’Ivoire after our furlough) and then on July 12, we will be heading back to the states for a month! July and August will be super busy months for us. As soon as we get back to Tanda the SFH staff will begin to get the house set up for kids to move in September 1st! 

The Orphan Support campaign will begin in a few weeks. We are asking you to be in prayer about supporting one of our kids (or more). Pray that all of the children will be as excited to be here as we are for them to be here. Also, pray that as we begin this part of the journey, we will make wise decisions and since it’s a learning process for all parties involved, that we will extend grace when needed. Love y’all and will see you very soon!

Ryne Isaac