Join us for MISSION TANDA!

This post was written by our Missions Pastor, Ryne Isaac. 

MISSION TANDA is a two week trip to the Solace Family Home, in Tanda, Cote d'Ivoire.  This is the first ever team trip taken from Solace Church to Cote d'Ivoire. I am incredibly excited for individuals from Solace to see firsthand the work that has been done on the Solace Family Home over the past year and a half. 


This is is not an individual dream or project, but the vision of an entire church. For a number of years Solace has been planning and preparing to build this Home and now there is an opportunity to see it! Not only is there a Home to visit, but our missionaries, Jeff & Tawnya, are eagerly awaiting guests from their sending church. 

I believe when people get out of their comfort zones and out of their zip codes that God begins to do a transformational work in their lives. I know we are going to impact the lives of children in Cote d'Ivoire, but I'm also believing the lives of those that visit the Home will be changed forever. 


During this trip you will spend time with the children of the Solace Family Home, but you will do so much more. There will be opportunities to work on projects at the Home, church, and school all located on the same property. We are also planning to visit local villages and serve through events like Kid Fest, basic medical care, or hands on opportunities. 

I want the individuals that travel to Cote d'Ivoire to come back with an understanding of what life is like, whether you live in a remote village, a town like Tanda, or a city like Abidjan. 


Our accommodations will be very basic (to say it nicely...) while in Cote d'Ivoire. Most of the expense is flight cost. That is why we have made this a two week trip. We want to get as much out of the flight cost as possible. 

This is our first trip as a church, so we estimated the costs as well as possible. If there is excess left over it will be used for needs at the Solace Family Home. 


Pray, pray, pray. Ask God if this is the right trip and timing for you. And then, ask our team questions or apply. An application is not a commitment. We would love to talk with you about this trip and see if it's the right fit for you! 

MISSION TANDA is November 3rd - 17th, 2018. The cost is $2750 per person. For more information or to apply, visit

Ryne Isaac