Construction Update #10

Cabinets were delivered today! They aren’t exactly the right size but with a few alterations they will be perfect. They are super solid! The long drawers on the two long cabinets are going to be changed to doors with a shelf instead of the drawers. I printed a picture for Cesar, the carpenter, to give him an idea of what I wanted and he did it just like the picture. 

The interior wall, which will separate the Solace Family Home from the school and church, was damaged in the storm that we had on Monday night. They masons are working hard to get it done. They have a lot of it done already.

The screens are installed on our house too. Once Cesar makes the necessary adjustments to the cabinets, we will get the tile guys to come and install the countertops and backsplash. Then Jeff and I will paint the cabinets and start moving in! 

Ryne Isaac