Construction, Water, and Generosity

This post was written by one of our Solace Missionaries, Tawnya Jackson. 

I can't believe January is already over. This month was very busy with getting past the holidays, getting used to life with just the two of us...and recovering from a broken foot! Thank God that the fracture has healed! My ankle is still causing me quite a bit of pain, but hopefully that will go away soon.


Construction is winding down on our house! We are waiting on kitchen cabinets to be built and installed and screens installed on all the windows, then we can start moving in! We were hoping to be moved in before the end of this month, but I guess it’s going to be closer to the end of February. We will be leaving Tanda on Monday, Feb. 5 to join the 1040i team of doctors and volunteers in Doropo to serve the people there. We are both so excited! This is a mission trip that Jeff has been a part of before but it will be my first time to be a part of the medical mission. I will be serving the volunteers by using my kitchen talents and whatever else I can give. 


The city of Tanda is really hurting for clean water! We have not been able to take a legitimate shower from our city water supply since like November. We have even gone so far as to have to bring water from the well at the orphanage site to use for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Jeff had a conversation with Mayor Koné and he told Jeff that they were in the process of drilling 20 new wells for the city. That would make a dire situation just disappear! We have already seen a drilling truck in town. As inconvenient as it is to bring water from our well, we have not gone without water as a lot of the residents of Tanda have. My heart hurts thinking that so many do without while we have plenty. I had a conversation yesterday with Sabrina Yaw, who is the Vice President of 1040i, about feeling like the people who come to look at our house might view us as just ridiculously spoiled. Sometimes I feel like our house is excessive. She reassured me by saying we are setting the standard for the orphanage as well as the school. I can’t wait to have everything complete! We have already moved the washer and dryer over there so that’s where we do our laundry. The Ivorians that are working and visiting are amazed with the washing machine. It’s a front load with a glass door so they can watch the clothes wash and they are just mesmerized! 


I want to share a story with you all. On Sunday, Jan. 28, we got a visit from Pastor and Madame Behi’s son. They are the pastor of the church we attend here. The letter had been translated into English so Jeff could read it. It was from Madame Behi. She explained that the motorcycle that they used to get around to other villages was broken and could not be repaired. She asked if there was any way that we could give them 400,000 cfa (around $700-$750) to purchase a new motorcycle. After Daniel left, we talked about it. At first, we knew there was NO way that we could do it. We just don’t have that kind of money. So, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to give $700 for a good cause and explained the situation. About 12 minutes later, I received a private message from a member of the church that said she and her husband would like to meet that need and how could she get me the money. I want you all to know…that is God! Jeff and I went over the next morning and let them know that thanks to one of our church families, we could give them 400,000 cfa to purchase a new motorcycle. We went that afternoon the Bondoukou and withdrew 480,000 cfa because when she deposited the money, she included an extra $100! The pastor picked out a scooter type motorcycle because that’s what the money would purchase. After looking at what he was getting, we noticed a full size motorcycle next to it and asked how much was the price on it. It was 480,000 cfa. Now, how about that? Because of one family’s generosity, a pastor in Tanda will be able to reach villages beyond the main road so that he can grow God’s kingdom. I said all of that to say this, your generosity is making an amazing impact here!

Ryne Isaac