Construction Update #9

The residence (apartment, office, infirmary) has been busy the last 2 days! The electrical outlets and switches are installed. The ceiling fans and most of the other lights are installed. We have the water ran to the house although it hasn’t been turned on yet because the water heater hasn’t been installed and Jeff says it will shoot water everywhere if it isn’t in when they turn it on. Hopefully they will get that done tomorrow or Thursday. The city water (although it hasn’t been running) and the well via water tower are both connected to the house.  All of the tile is done except for the backsplash in the kitchen. Once Cesar gets the cabinets built and installed, the tile workers will come back and get it all finished. The biggest news is that the inside is painted except for doors and window trim and the first coat has been painted on the outside! The outside is a bright shade of green, but it looks really nice! 

In the first children's home, the ceilings are completed, most of the outside has the concrete finished, and they have started the finish on the inside. All of the plumbing and electric in the floor is finished so they can put the final layer of concrete on the floor when they do the tile. We are looking at next week for the tile to be laid. 

Everything has been kind of slow since right before Christmas but has been rolling the past few days. The residence should be ready by the end of the month! It only needs cabinets, doors, and windows!

Ryne Isaac