Construction Update #3

Things are beginning to look very different at the property in Tanda. The walls are going up on the first two buildings! Here is the update from our missionary Tawnya, 

The walls are almost all up in the residence! The plumbing was ran and slab poured in “A” (the first of the two children's homes). I went over this morning to get pictures of the walls in the residence and they have started putting up walls in “A” now too!  There is a crew working on making the blocks to line the septic also.

One of the big adjustments for Jeff is how the construction process works in Cote d'Ivoire. Once the walls go up, then they knock out parts of the hollow blocks and run the plumbing and electrical. Now the walls are going up we have contractors coming and giving bids to put on the roofs. We are planning to use steel beams instead of wood because termites and wood bores are a major problem in that area. 

Ryne Isaac