Construction Update #4

The Jacksons traveled to Abidjan last week for supplies and when they returned to Tanda they found major progress at the construction site. The walls are almost complete on the residence and have been started on the first children's home. We have received a bid for the roof, so work should begin shortly. This week Jeff will mark on the walls where he wants electrical outlets, sinks, and cabinets.

There are several stumps on the property that need to be removed. Jeff and a few Ivorians have been working on this project. After cutting at it with machetes (because chainsaws are very expensive), Jeff tried a new tactic. Tawnya writes, "Today he (Jeff) used the tractor to try and dig it and scorpions went everywhere. That seems a little unsafe to me but what do I know. LOL." There is never a dull moment while working in Africa!

Below are pictures of the walls. Things are beginning to take shape!

Ryne Isaac