Construction Update #8

Due to travel (both in and out of the country) and other complications it has been over a month since our last construction update. A lot has happened! 

Residence (Missionary Apartment, Office, Infirmary)

The infirmary and office have been completely tiled and grouted! There was some confusion with the ordering of the tile. The local store (which we affectionately call "Home Depot") said there was enough tile for the job, but their estimates were wrong. Unfortunately, the same tile cannot be found anywhere in Tanda, the nearby town of Bondoukou, or the capital Abidjan. The laborers will be creative with another shade of tile to finish the job.

In the apartment the closet frames are in and ceilings are painted. The bathroom floor tile is down and Jeff has done the plumbing for the tub and shower. The plumbers think they are crazy for installing a tub because that is not normal in the area. 

Tomorrow the appliances and air conditioners are being delivered. 

Children's Home

The porches are complete, the window and door frames are in, and ceilings are almost complete. The exterior is completely finished except for one small area on the front. Our construction supervisor, Kouame, is leaving Tanda until after the first of the year so he has told the mason to not finish the interior walls until he returns. He only accepts the best work and has been a huge asset for us. 

Jeff & Tawnya

Jeff and Tawnya wish you all a very Merry Christmas and they are excited about moving into their new home very, very soon! 

Ryne Isaac