Construction Update #5

WALLS. The walls are now complete! After suggestions by local workers and our partners at 1040i, we changed the roof from a single pitch design to a double pitch. This will help immensely when hard rains come, but it required the mason and the roofer to change their plans. Thankfully the changes were made quickly and without major cost. The mason has added gables to the residence and is close to completing the second building. 

ROOF. Our roofer is currently in Abidjan buying the steel needed to build the roof. Many roofs in Cote d'Ivoire are made with wood trusses and sheet metal, but we elected to go with all steel because termites and wood bores are a massive problem and can only be contained for so long. 

ELECTRIC & PLUMBING. The electrician has run all the conduit for the outlets and switches. The plumber has been working to run all the pipe but has had to make few adjustments along the way. The septic tank is completely dug and its blocks are ready to be installed. 

CARPENTER. We are also working with a carpenter for some of the needs of the Home. He is currently building wooden doors for the home. The Jacksons were impressed by their quality. They are "heavy, solid wood, hand carved...beautiful doors" and as a bonus, "the cost is substantially less than we could get doors in America."

Below are pictures of the progress. Things are beginning to look very different around the property!  

Ryne Isaac