Ways to Support Our Missionaries

Cote d'Ivoire is a long way away. A long way. Like 6,000 miles away. That distance can make it hard to connect. It is easy to struggle with questions like, "What can I do? What difference can I really make?" Yes, our missionaries live far away. And yes, there are ways you can support and encourage them as they follow after God's will. 

1. PRAY. Living in a developing country is hard. Leaving behind friends and family is hard. Changing everything you have known for the past 40+ years is hard. Being a missionary brings real, spiritual battles. The Jacksons need your prayers. Follow this blog and pray for the specific challenges they are facing. 

2. SUPPORT. The Jacksons are completely, 100% supported by the generosity of individuals and families that call Solace Church home. We have supporters that give $20 a month and some that give $200 a month. We are always looking for new people to join our team and support the Jacksons. Make a commitment today! 

3. VISIT. This spring we are taking our first ever Solace Church trip to Tanda to visit and work alongside Jeff and Tawnya. They need your prayers and financial support, but they also need to see your face. They need to be hugged and encouraged by people that love them. They need to know they are not in this alone. Apply for our trip! 

This blog was written by Ryne Isaac, Missions Pastor at Solace Church. 

Ryne Isaac