the story


Solace Church exists today because of a calling the Founding Pastor felt to plant a church in Berryhill, OK. The church launched in 2004 but truly began to find its identity five years later. During that time, it became apparent that Solace Church was created to be a place of refuge for people in need. As this mission became clear, future initiatives and dreams were born. One was to build an orphanage in the developing world that would be a place of refuge for children.

Shortly after beginning to dream about an orphanage Solace Church was introduced to Mike Cousineau, the President of The 1040 Initiative. The focus of 1040i is to provide water, health, and education in Morocco and Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). A trip to Tanda, Cote d’Ivoire in 2012 confirmed that one day the Solace Family Home would share the same property as a church and school.

In 2016, Solace Church hired its first full time Missions Pastor and formed a Missions Team to make these dreams a reality. In 2017, after months of planning and preparation, the first Solace Missionaries moved to Cote D’Ivore and construction began. The Solace Family Home officially began operation in September of 2018. 

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